URHC Team on field Survey in Khalifa Area, Historic Cairo, during ADG/Culture Mission to Cairo, March 2012.

From left to right: Arch. Mariam El Korachy; Eng. Ingy Waked; Arch. Federica Felisatti; Arch. Francesco Bandarin - ADG/Culture UNESCO; Ms. Franca Miglioli - URHC Project Manager; Arch. Ahmed Mansour ; Arch. Daniele Pini - URHC Scientific Coordinator.

Address URHC office:
UNESCO Regional Bureau for Sciences in the Arab States
Cluster Office for Egypt and Sudan
UNESCO Building, Northern Extensions
6th of October, Cairo, Egypt
Tel.: +20-238268912/ 3/ 4/ 5
The URHC Project Team

Project Manager, UNESCO-WHC

Daniele PINI,
Scientific Coordinator, UNESCO consultant

Local team of consultants:
  • Federica FELISATTI,
    Architect, UNESCO Cairo
  • Mariam el KORACHY,
    Architect, UNESCO Cairo
  • Ahmed MANSOUR,
    Architect, UNESCO Cairo
  • Ingy WAKED,
    Architect, UNESCO Cairo
  • Ahmed Tarek ABOUZAYED,
    Architect, UNESCO Cairo
Project assistants:
  • Radwa el WAKIL, UNESCO Cairo